July 6, 2012

CyberStrike - Breaking Ground

CyberStrike Concept Art
In addition to using this blog as a technical-art dump, I'm also going to be using it as a development blog for a project i'm working on in my spare time called "CyberStrike".

Whenever I hear someone say the words "We are going to make this awesome mod," or "I have an idea for a game," 99 times out of 100, the scope of their project is just too unrealistic for it to ever get finished. Most of the time it's because there is some lofty gameplay goal that can't be achieved without an experienced programmer, or it might be because there's no incentive for anyone on your team to actually do what you want when you want them to do it. In other words, the lack of discipline. These are all very real problems that I knew that i'd encounter if I ever wanted to start my own game project. Furthermore, because i'm actually employed by a game company, I could never actually finish a title and get it published by some other company without getting fired and then sued into oblivion. So how am I going to get this game made with those kind of obstacles? Read more to find out.